Collection of natural incense,
essential oils, talismans and artifacts from all over the World.
Tea table made of fossilized wood 10-20 million years old.

Dragons are made from sacred wood Gaharu (Agar) from the island Kalimantan.

Dragons' eyes are made of rubies or citrines, depending on colors of the entire product.

The drain pan is made from a single piece of old teak. Lack of joints allows the functionality of the pallet for years to come.

Sacred symbols are engraved on the surface of the countertop, which are calculated based on information about date, time and place the birth of the future owner using the Human Design system.

Case for storing and transporting a tea table is made of wood Rosewood, decorated with brass inserts and engraving.

The interior of the case is made of durable and soft foam covered with dense fabric that guarantees safe transportation and storage, and also a noble look.

7 masters are involved in the creation of tables, working with different ones. materials. Most of the work is done manually.

A tea set of the following items:

- 6 saucers made of petrified wood with a Case for transportation and storage, made of rosewood
- 6 cups of Issin clay (made in China), this material great functionality and emphasizes taste tea with packaging.
- The teapot is made of Issin clay, made in China.
- Glossary is made of glass.

We also recommend purchasing a basic set of several types.

The production time for the tea table, set and packaging is 5-7 weeks, depending on the availability of components and materials. The cost of making each tea table, set, packaging and tea - $ 5250 including taxes and payment system commissions.

Delivery is carried out by DHL from Bali. Before shipment, all products are quarantined and receive a certificate that provides unhindered access to territory of Canada. Delivery and quarantine clearance time is 2-4 weeks.

Shipping and quarantine costs are $600 each. table with set. Delivery of goods from Bali to Russia is currently not available due to customs restrictions from Russia.

Delivery is carried out by DHL from Bali. Before shipment, all products are quarantined and receive a certificate that provides an unobstructed pass. Delivery and quarantine cleaning time - 2-4 weeks.

To start production, you need to provide information about the birth of both future owners. And always remember, you never own an Arteafact tea table, you take good care of it for future generations!
Tea table "Dragons Gaharu"
115 000
Exclusive 20-million-year-old petrified wood tea table

Each table is unique and custom-made within 2-12 weeks. All work is done by hand by several craftsmen in stone, wood and precious metals on the island. Bali and Java, Indonesia.

The design is created in the context of a specific cultural code and personal preference. It can be supplemented with family symbols or personalized symbols based on the Jyotish, I-Chin and other directions.
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